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Scottish Aquaculture and Innovation Center

At the recent European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform ( meeting in Brussels, we were discussing how national aquaculture platforms could play a role to put into action the EATIP strategic research and innovation agenda.
At this time, Randolph Richards informed us of the creation of the Scottish Aquaculture and Innovation Center (SAIC), based in Stirling.
The SAIC is now looking for its Director and the Chair of its Board.
if you are interested, or you know someone that could be, I invite you to contact directly Caroline Bell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and phone +44 131 331 5516 to find out more.
Candidatures should be received by her early May.

DIVERSIFY looks at emerging species for EU aquaculture

DIVERSIFY Logo fullOver the next 5 years, the EU project DIVERSIFY will study a number of new/emerging finfish species, with great potential for the EU aquaculture industry. These new/emerging species (meagre, greater amberjack, wreckfish, halibut, grey mullet and pikeperch) are fast growing and/or large finfishes marketed at a large size and can be processed into a range of products to provide the consumer with both a greater diversity of fish species and new value-added products. See the DIVERSIFY web site for more.

Job vacancies at Swansea University

-    Associate Professor/Chair in Applied Aquatic Biosciences. More details here
-    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Applied Aquatic Biosciences. More details here

Professorship available at NTNU, Department of Biology

NTNU, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, The Department of Biology, announces a vacant position as Professor in aquaculture ecology. The position will be anchored within the Marine Sciences Group at the Department of Biology, and will be physically located at NTNU Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture. The announced position will strengthen academic and research activities on environmental interactions of sea based salmon aquaculture, with particular focus on marine ecology and development of technologies for more sustainable production methods. Closing date: 2014‐03‐03. For information and application details see here

College of the Marshall Islands looking for two aquaculture researchers

The College of the Marshall Islands, a community college located in the warm central Pacific six degrees north of the Equator on Majuro atoll, seeks a qualified person to join our leadership team.  The College of the Marshall Islands is the national college of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and seeks to be the role model for community colleges in the Pacific region. More information and contact details here

Major players in aquaculture production support the EAS

EAS is pleased to announce the support of Marine Harvest and Kiliç Deniz as new Premium Sponsors and of Skretting as sponsor of the EAS Student Group.
Read more.....

Dates fixed for AE2015 and AE2016

The dates are now confirmed for our Aquaculture Europe 2015 and 2016 events.

AE2015 will take place in Rotterdam from October 20-23, 2015

AE2016 will take place in Edinburgh from September 20-23, 2016.

See the press release on AE2016

Aquaculture International Impact Factor now over 1

Aquaculture International (AQUI) is the peer-reviewed journal of the EAS. Its 2012 Impact Factor (IF) is now 1.037, thus reaching one of the main objectives of the Editorial Board and EAS Board. After having an IF of more than 1.0 back in 1999, it slipped to 0.3 in 2003, but has gradually increased again since then. We are proud to see that it has now exceeded the milestone level of 1 and hope very much that this will encourage more publications from EAS members and non-members. See more..

Help to promote EAS with these great cartoons

Dr John Joyce, a great friend of EAS and President of the society from 1990-1992, has drawn a series of four excellent cartoons to help promote the society and our activities.
Please feel free to use them in your presentations and help us recruit new members. See them here....

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Our Premium Sponsors show their commitment to EAS objectives and notably the linking of science and industry.

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