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 The European Aquaculture Society Student Group (EAS-SG) is a group bringing together students and young professionals in aquaculture and related fields from more than 20 countries.

The aims of EAS-SG are:

To increase the participation of young persons in EAS activities
To gather and exchange information related to the diverse fields of research
To share work experiences in the sector
To voice student and young persons’ concerns

If you are interested in becoming a member or simply participate and cooperate in any of our events, please feel free to contact us
through our
Facebook page, LinkedIn page or mail: eassg(...at...)aquaculture.cc



Founded in May 2005 in Norway, the European Aquaculture Society - Student Group (EAS-SG) is developing into one of the major aquaculture student organizations. EAS-SG is a group bringing together students in aquaculture and related fields from more than 20 countries.

EAS-SG aims to provide an easy way of making contact and communicating with others who share similar (research) interests. EAS-SG also aims to provide comprehensive searchable listings of for instance student mobility opportunities and universities and courses in the field of aquatic sciences. In addition:

* Create a personal profile page

* Establish a network of students who share your interests

* Initiate discussions and exchange useful tips

* Find career information relevant to you (jobs, MSc/PhD programs and funding opportunities)

 The 2016 EAS-SG board consists of the following members:


Antonios Chalaris (UK), President

Originally from Greece, Antonios holds a Ptychio (five year study) in Ichthyology (University of Thessaly, Greece) and an MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture (University of Stirling, UK). He is currently a PhD student at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. His industry sponsored PhD study seeks to develop production protocols and improve hatchery performance of ballan wrasse, a cleaner fish species used for the biological control of sea lice in Atlantic salmon sea cages. (a.e.chalaris@stir.ac.uk)


Gala Podgornik (UK), President elect

Croatia. B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Ecology and Nature Preservation - Module Marine Biology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Current PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast, UK, in collaboration with the Irish Fisheries Board (BIM). Her PhD project is focused on developing DNA profiling methods for the monitoring and improvement of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) broodstock in aquaculture systems. (gpodgornik01@qub.ac.uk)


Sinem Zeytin (Germany), Secretariat

From Turkey, B. Sc. in Fisheries Engineer, M. Sc. in Ecohydrology and currently doing her PhD in larval digestive physiology and nutrition for the optimisation of growth and survival of marine fish larvae under consideration of MicroDiets at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, and GMA- Association for marine aquaculture Ltd. in Büsum, Germany. (zeytin@gma-buesum.de)


Anna K. S. Rongved (Norway), Treasurer

Norway. B. Sc. in marine biology and aquaculture. Currently working on her master degree at NTNU in Trondheim, with a plan to finish in May 2016. Her master thesis focus on integrated fish and plant production (Aquaponics) and integrated algae and zooplankton (copepod) production, with a main focus on nitrogen flow. (anna@rongved.com)


Kathrin Steinberg (Germany), Social media coordinator

Germany, Kathrin is currently doing her PhD at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and the Association for Marine Aquaculture in Buesum, Germany. Her research is focused on the effect of relevant RAS ongrowing parameters on the growth rates, metabolism and health of the later life stages of adult pikeperch. (steinberg@gma-buesum.de)

Past EAS_SG Presidents

2005/06 Foundation of the EAS SG; Magdolna Trenoszki, Hungary
2006/07 no active president
2007/08 no active president
2008/09 Goncalo Santos, Portugal
2009/10 Magdolna Trenoszki, Hungary
2010/11 Stefan Meyer, Germany
2011/12 Benedikt Frenzl, Germany
2012/13 Tsjerk Terpstra, The Netherlands
2013/14 Rob van de Ven, The Netherlands
2014/15 Joao Rito, Portugal
2015/16 Antonios Chalaris, Greece

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SPAROS is located in the South of Portugal (Algarve region) but aims to serve the whole European market.

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